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Cheese cutting

For the cutting of hard and semi-hard cheese we offer a wide range of semi-automatic portioning machines suitable for cutting all types of gifts, ranging from counter machines to automatic lines. The automatic lines are supplied to a large part of the Italian and foreign GDO.

In particular:

  • Automatic, semi-automatic and semi-manual cheese cutting machines.

  • Portioning machines, which allow you to accurately divide the cheese into slices of customizable size.

  • Horizontal disconnectors, which perform the horizontal cut of the shapes.

  • Automatic cleaners, to eliminate the impurities present on the rind of aged cheeses before cutting and packaging.

  • Automatic graters, which allow to obtain a homogeneous and ready-to-use finished product.

  • Flattening machines, to precisely cut the upper and lower plate of the forms, for packaging.

Panel sawing machines
horizontal cutting  


The panel saw machines perform the horizontal cutting of cheeses of all sizes and consistencies, both hard and semi-hard. Starting from the basic model, the manually operated bench disconnector suitable for delicatessens and small businesses, the range of disconnectors also includes electric and automatic machinery, developed for intensive use, typical of industrial realities.
They offer the possibility to cut a large number of cheeses with maximum precision and without any effort or loss of product.


Bartoli Caseartecnica Portioners are automatic, semi-automatic and semi-manual machines for cutting cheese vertically into portions of customizable size and weight , suitable for packaging and retail.

They are designed to work in line, they can be used with products of different sizes and consistencies thanks to their flexible structure that allows you to customize their functions.

Are available

- handy and compact countertop portioning machines suitable for shops and retail sales;

- semi-automatic portioning machine models ideal for large-scale distribution;

- fully automatic portioning machines dedicated to professional packaging.

Portioning machines
for vertical cutting

Other products

Special machines for cutting cheese and preparing it for packaging.

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