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Automatic portioning machine with variable and fixed weight. Set up Stand alone or work online


Automatic machine for cutting cheese into slices with variable or predetermined weight and dimensions. Versatile and flexible, the ROCK 20PLUS model is designed to work in line with other machines from Caseartecnica Bartoli or stand alone.

Technical features Rock 20 Plus automatic for cutting cheese:

  • Small size.

  • Suitable for working in line with pre-existing machines or by Caseartecnica Bartoli, for the complete automation of the production cycle.

  • Number of cuts programmable by PLC.

  • Interchangeable bells, for the perfect centering of cheeses with different shapes.

  • Quick and easy replacement of the bells.

  • Fully automatic operating cycle.

  • Easy-to-extract worktop to facilitate cleaning and sanitizing of the machine.

  • Multiple recipes for various types of products and cuts.

  • Special, interchangeable blades for cutting semi-hard, hard and very hard cheeses.

  • Automatic weighing with external scale.

  • Programmable fixed weight cutting.

  • Easy-to-manage widescreen display with a large, high-resolution workspace.

Made in accordance with CE regulations

Depth: 870 mm
Width: 800 mm
Height: 1900 mm


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